Let’s support this quality Aurora business. Grape Leaves is a welcomed escape from the fast food chains dominating our area. Here, you will get a flavorful meal with VERY generous portions. The falafel is the perfect amount of crispy on the outside and warm soft texture inside. The tangy grape leaves and smooth hummus with pita are a hit also. My order of chicken shawarma came with two types of rice, side salad, and a small hummus. It also included sides of olive salad and a delicious serving of beets. My lunch partner and I both had enough food left over to take home for another meal. The service is fast and with a smile and kind words. They really want to be sure you have a first class experience. You don’t need a white table cloth to have a five star meal right in our own back yard. The crowd is diverse and everyone can find something here to enjoy. So SUPPORT, it’s tough out there for small businesses. Service Dine in Meal type Lunch Price per person $10–20 Parking There’s plenty of parking on the west side of the building.
Gemini Torres
Delicious Arab food and sooooo flavorful! I wish I had taken pictures of the grape leaves we had ordered as appetizers and the pita bread + humus we were given on top of everything ordered. We had ordered the chicken shawarma saj + lamb kabob plate, which are pictured below. Yummy!!! It’s probably my top preferred restaurants around Denver, currently🫶🏼 Service Dine in Meal type Lunch Price per person $20–30 Recommended dishes Lamb Kabob Plate, Appetizers, Chicken Shawarma Sandwich, Chicken Shawarma Plate, Grape Leaves
Abdul Rahim Khan
This beef burger has premium taste. Chicken shawarma sandwich is next level good. My new favorite middle eastern place Service Dine in Meal type Lunch Price per person $10–20
Anudeep Gupta
Amazing Hummus and Ful , reminds us of back in the Middle East and good portion sizes , affordable. Would definetly as one of the top middle eastern places in Denver. Service Dine in Meal type Lunch Price per person $10–20
Najah Jabbar
We happened upon this restaurant a few days ago going to Costco. So of course, we had to stop! We both had the beef shawarma and fries. First, the shawarma was almost as good as Palestine’s! They add the pickles and tahini. (Possibly could add more tahini though). Nonetheless, the shawarma was delicious! As for the fries, we probably should have ordered hummus or salads because just basic, similar to maybe Arby’s which I usually avoid. We love fries at Middle Eastern restaurants because they have a tastiness unlike fast food places. No matter, we didn’t go there for the fries so they still get a five! If there were a plus on the five, they would have to play Arabic music to get it! It is odd that you would fail at playing Arabic music in a Middle Eastern restaurant. If we wanted American music, we’d go to an American restaurant. However, their shawarma sandwiches were so good, they deserve the five! They could be more personable and bubbly, especially the young receptionist but everything else was good! And again, their shawarmas yum!
Julio Garcia
This place was crazy delicious! The burger was bomb and the rice was delicious too! Don't sleep on this place, you won't regret it!!!
Ali Kadhem
This place is one of the best in town! Authentic Iraqi/Arabic food! Free appetizers with your meal! Their lamb shank is on point! Their grilled chicken melts in your mouth! They also make great burgers and quesadillas! And their rice is the best rice I ever tried in my life! Will come back here every time I’m in the area. 10/10 Service Dine in Meal type Lunch Price per person $10–20